Founded in 2019, based in Seinajoki and Budapest.

We are a group of individuals from Finland and Hungary,

with backgrounds of various fields, dedicated to creating awesome

and unique things.

Our practice is balancing ideas with the latest technologies,

developing and building digital solutions by extending reality,

and giving impactful solutions to our clients.

Ultimately, we say yes to good ideas.


Our Partners:

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What We do:

Our job is think a lot and create the combination of huge amount of polygons and thousands lines of code, but seriously...


We are capable to create your standalone and mobile applications, kiosk displays, AR experiences with stunning 3D visuals, and audio, right on schedule with maximum flexibility.


Various fields, who are these people?

General Reality consists of five individuals, a music expert, a software developer, 2-3D artist, sales expert and a finance expert. We have projects on every continent in the World except Antartica.

What are the awesome things you have
already created?

Before 2019, the members of General Reality worked together under different names. We
created mobile applications for sport events used by thousands of people daily, standalone
applications, worked on triple A games, and major movie titles.


What does it mean: Extending reality?

We believe in AR, VR and even MR which will ultimately be part of our future. The real
world is the best playground, and extending it with 3D characters and objects in Augmented
Reality is a tool that can’t be ignored. And in case we don’t need the real world, VR is the solution.
We strongly believe that in the next few years MR glasses will be widely accessible to the general public,

and we are eager to bring our ideas in front of your eyes."


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